10 Basic Windows 10 Skills for Engineers

Windows 10 Skills

The introduction of Windows 10 bought with it the excitement for all tech geeks. This new version of Windows added many improved enhancements. The features that Windows 10 has announced have covered the difference between tablets and computers. Also, it has bridged the touch and type interface too as it can now adjust itself to touchscreens as well with its smart UI. So, basically Windows 10 is all about covering the shortcomings of all its previous versions. Therefore, we have decided to list down the improved features of Windows 10 for everyone to know and take advantage of.

So, if you want to become Windows 10 expert than you should know these 10 awesome features that Windows 10 has bought with it. Just like when you are working on Windows Sever 2016, you are assumed to know about installation storage and compute with windows server 2016 as well as networking with windows server 2016. Similarly, you should know these Windows 10 features to increase your potency.

1. Know the Fundamentals

It is very important to start learning from the basics. So, you should also know how to open a file, search a file, how to create, copy, save, rename, and move the file or a folder. Other basics that you should learn are zipping and unzipping data, how to launch an application and close it, how to operate Cortana, ho to connect the internet, and especially how to install updates. These things sound childish but are some of the basic features that Windows 10 offers and you should know how to work around them. 

2. Expertise on Windows Server

Windows Server are designed by Microsoft to manage the corporate databases and networking. Every engineer is supposed to be aware of how to install, configure, and administer Windows Server; be it 2016 or 209. Also, you should also learn how to work on Windows Server, manage hosting, oversee database, command enterprise-scale messaging, and other required functions.

3. Command on Microsoft Edge

One thing that you massively ignore is the Microsoft Edge feature offered by Windows 10. Microsoft Edge browser is enabled with and integrated share button. You can find this button on Edge’s toolbar. This share button lets you share web pages. Also, Microsoft Edge is integrated with Cortana, and offers listed reading feature along with webpage annotations. These features help you in to highlighting, creating, and erasing notes. It also allows you to copy the content on a web page.

Also, we assume that you should already know this but if you don’t you are heavily missing on Windows 10. You should learn how to disable flashes, restore tabs, block and enable pop-ups, change download folder, and also how to configure home page to get the most out of it.

4. Configuration Management

Every system engineer is supposed to know the basic of configuration management. It is one of the essential aptitudes that an Engineer must have around Windows 10. He should know how to-s, and tips of CM. Configuration Management will help him in big to understand the recent design and state of the system, if it is recorded or not, and will help in rebuilding the system in care of occurrence of any error. 

5. Networking and Security

Just like any other thing on the list, knowing how to enable security and basics of networking are also important. An engineer must learn how to make windows PC turned into a WI-FI hotspot, how to enable password protection of a folder, how mirroring of the screen works, and how to create a guest account on Windows 10.

6. Operate PowerShell

PowerShell was designed to bring automation in doing system tasks. Some of the tasks that Microsoft PowerShell has automated are creation of management tools to carry out frequently executed processes and batch processing. PowerShell is developed with.net and its language is sort of like Perl. PowerShell has many ways for tasks automation in the Windows 10. An engineer should be equipped with the knowledge of how to work with PowerShell to simplify the processes. PowerShell helps in enhancing debugging, discovering and installing computer software, defining the classes in functionality, as well as improving Desired State Configuration (DSC).

7. Supporting and Troubleshooting

Some other important Windows 10 skills are supporting and troubleshooting Windows 10. You should learn supporting and troubleshooting Windows 10 if you don’t know already. This helps you in identifying and resolving hardware devices as well as devise drivers. It will also help you in installing applications, operating applications, recovering and maintaining of a device running Windows 10, and accessing resources from devices that are not domain-joined. You will also be able to resolve problems linked with user settings, issues with application of Group Policy Objects, client configuration failures, and remote connectivity.

8. Patch Management

It is a basic piece of keeping up the security and safety of your frameworks and system. In spite of the fact that it is some of the time seen as a system management work role as opposed to security, its job in finding weaknesses of the system through the sending of updates turns it into a basic part of an association’s security department.

9. Backup in Windows 10

Today, you will not see any other Windows version running on the systems. If you see, we will advise you to run away from that system because really who uses older versions in 2019? So, assuming that you are among the majority of the population who is running Windows 10, you should learn how to reclaim hard drive space, how to save space, delete old folders, controlling OneDrive files, mapping OneDrive, and burning and mounting ISO files.

10. Skills on Office 365

Office 365 projects are utilized in the most authoritative positions, paying little heed to industry. Microsoft Office skills are among the most wanted and best 3 skills for businesses. Its uptime is monetarily backed and with its incredible framework security makes it a necessary asset for most businesses. It empowers correspondence and joint effort inside and outside the association and offers secret word secured entry to share heavy files. Also, it offers secure and scalable solutions online as well including meetings and documents sharing and collaboration.

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