2020 Colour Scheme for Your Australian Home

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Professional Australian painters know the significance of selecting the perfect colour scheme, for both commercial and residential properties. Colours can directly impact the mood of clients and their visitors. Each hue has a distinct effect on people’s perceptions and temperaments. Quality painting services know that and, therefore, work hard to provide clients with a colour consultancy that includes modern trends. This post offers some great ideas for your next paint job according to what’s current. 

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Now let’s check out these 6 trendy color schemes for Australian homes and businesses. 

#1 Dark Grey

Instead of white or cream being used as the base color, many professional painters are using a deep, dark grey instead. Grey is becoming a neutral, base shade the same as white or cream. Depending on how the smoky color is used, it can appear as either elegant or urban. Grey paint with silver undertones can be viewed as very glamorous in bedrooms or bathrooms. 

You may even have clients that want to go with a dark grey baby’s room that includes bright yellow, blue, and pink accent colors. By using grey in a nursery, the parents can easily transition the child’s space into a more grown-up version as the child develops by swapping out furniture and wall hangings. 

As you probably know, dark grey is often used in residential properties. On the other hand, office buildings and commercial spaces tend to go towards black instead. Board rooms or C-suite offices with charcoal grey and white trim look sleek and polished. 

#2 Light Blue

Sky blue is the most calming color choice for most people. It’s a great choice for a family home, bedrooms and bathrooms especially. You may also want to recommend blue for a summery feel in the client’s beach home or vacation residents.  

Other pro painters, like yourself, incorporate aquamarines, greens, and teals too. Of course, it’s important to complement your blue hues with neutral or light base colors. 

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#3 Rich Copper

Painters know that mixing red and brown create the color copper. In interior design, copper can be used to create a feeling of warmth. It goes well with other earthy tones like deep greens and rich browns. Most people enjoy copper in their living rooms, formal dining rooms, and offices. To give your client’s home a sense of luxury then consider copper. 

#4 Deep, Dark Red

The bold, romantic choice of crimson red paint is popular throughout Australia. Dark reds provide a bold pop of color that’s closer to purple than traditional red. Customers that select deep, dark reds may prefer it as an accent color that draws the eye to unique architecture or to create a focus wall. You can complement deep reds with light grey or white. 

#5 All Black

Basic black is becoming a popular paint choice in Australia’s homes and offices. High contrast interiors featuring dramatic black and white themes or black with another prominent accent color (like red) create an art-deco vibe. Australian painting services may introduce their customers to the Japandi trend which mixes both Japanese blacks and light Scandinavian palettes (e.g. pinks, purples, whites, creams). The contrast between these two styles looks fresh and interesting. 

#6 Greige 

Over the last few years, more and more clients ask their professional painters to use “greige”. You’ve probably painted many interior walls with a mix of grey and beige. It’s classic and sophisticated in both homes and office spaces. Australian painters know greige is a nuanced neutral shade that doesn’t get tiresome or eventually appear outdated. Using a textured greige can elevate the shade to the next level. 

Professional painters throughout Australia understand that color schemes have a big influence on how a customer feels about their property. It might just look like grey, red, or white but it’s much more than that. Painters public liability insurance is also much more than just another business insurance. Public liability insurance can protect your business from mistakes made by you or your employees. Having liability coverage will make you feel just as relaxed as sky blue does for your clients.  

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