7 Alkaline foods you should mention in your diet list

Alkaline foods

Does Gautam Goyal ask whether your diet is acidic or alkaline? Should you care about it? As you are aware, the foods you eat always have a powerful impact on your health. Eating foods that are more alkaline in nature can be health-promoting. But it never means you suddenly should start eating a “raw” or “vegan” diet. This is something everyone tends to think about regarding eating healthy alkaline foods. The truth is, there is nothing extreme in eating more alkaline foods. 

PRAL stands for Potential Renal Acid Load of any food. It helps to categorize the food as acidic or alkaline. It measures the exact amount of acidity or alkalinity of food. Each PRAL score has either positive, neutral or negative value. The food having negative value is alkaline while the one with positive value is acidic in nature. 

7 alkaline foods to be added in your diet list

Gautam Goyal Houston is here with a few of the alkaline foods that must be a part of your diet list. There are a lot more out of which a few are list below. Let us have a look over them. 

1. Beet greens

A big round of applause should be given to the world’s most alkaline food that is beet greens. Although beet are not much popular in our diets, these have high alkalinity score which makes them one of the best additions in stir-fries or smoothies. In addition to being alkaline, these also have a bitter quality that help to stimulate the bile production that helps to digest your fats in a better way. 

If this is not a good reason to keep beets at the top, we cannot say what the reason can be. Beet greens can replace any of the soups, salads or smoothies. 

2. Spinach

Spinach is one more high alkaline food which is known to benefit your bone as it contains calcium. As it is highly alkalizing, it is more included in cleansing juicing protocols and anti-cancer protocols. There are delicious and endless ways of eating spinach. 

3. Kale 

There stays a reason why kale has been labelled as new beef. It is high in iron, vitamin K and calcium which are said to protect you against many types of cancers. In addition to these, kale is yet more world’s most alkaline foods. Kale has a mild taste that can mix up with any recipe. You can add kale to any smoothie recipe having greens, stir fries and soups to have an alkaline boost. 

4. Swiss chard

Did you notice the pattern of food? All of the world’s most alkaline foods are leafy greens. Swiss chard is one more green providing mega nutrition benefits with the vitamins supporting cellular health such as vitamin k. 

It also contains plant protein and phosphorous but due to its PRAL score, it leaves have more alkalizing minerals than acidity when metabolized. 

Swiss chard can be used in lettuce wraps or can be added in any recipe having a grain bun or tortilla. You must avoid any of the fatty or unhealthy food to be added along with the intake of Swiss chard. 

5. Bananas

Bananas are called potassium sticks that are one more alkaline food that you should never leave out of your diet. These are also a great source of fiber that help to promote digestive regularity. The fiber also weep the toxins out of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Most of the people tend to avoid bananas due to its high sugar content resulting in weight gain, eating banana is far better than eating a granola bar or some other processed food which is full of sugar and acidifying ingredients. 

6. Sweet potato

Now you can feel a bit better about eating sweet potato fries. Although they are higher in starch, the sweet potatoes are alkalizing in nature. These provide plenty of fiber to your body along with many more vitamins and minerals. As the sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, they have less negative impact on the blood sugar levels as fiber helps to slow down the release of sugar in the blood stream. 

Hence sweet potatoes are excellent choice when it comes to eating to get energy and provide your body with a boost of alkaline nutrients. 

7. Kiwi

Kiwi is a highly alkaline food that your body cells will never want to miss out on, as these also contains a lot of antioxidants minerals and vitamins. Even though oranges are well known for vitamin C, kiwi tend to have more amount of vitamin C even more than orange. Kiwi is also a great source of fiber to have an improved digestion as well as potassium to improve the muscle function. 


These were a few of the alkaline food suggested by Gautam Goyal Houston to have a healthy diet. You can add up more as per your choice and likings. 

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