7 reasons why retirement planning should be on your priority list

retirement planning

We all wish to read the concluding chapters of books with happy endings.  Then why can’t we make our final chapters in life colorful? The pretty retirement plans will gift you a peaceful retired life. The earlier you start the planning, the better results can be expected. The independent life even after retirement is possible with early savings. As life is very uncertain we can’t predict the future. The financial stability can support you and your family even in your poor health conditions. Most people fail to understand the importance of retirement plans and hesitate to take action. Financial independence gives you more freedom in your retirement life and makes you enjoy to the fullest.

Why is retirement planning important

It is always advised to plan in advance for the post-retirement days. The first rule of retirement planning is to start investing at a young age and enjoy the huge benefits awaiting you by the time of retirement. Make use of wise retirement plans such as P&G retirement plans which gives you abundant monetary benefits.  Keep in mind the following reasons to include retirement planning in the top list.

  • Longer life expectancy

The average life expectancy has increased than before and almost 20 years’ advantage could be expected. In order to live this extra time, more funds should be saved earlier. As you get older you have to take care of your health issues too. These days the medical expenses are high and one has to invest more in those sections.

  • Dependant family

If the family is depended on you, your retirement will definitely affect them too. The needs of the family should be fulfilled even after your retirement without any fail. For a peaceful joyous retired life, you must include your family with full support. Their happiness will be yours too. In this context, a sound financial background will be very helpful to you.

  • Financial obstacles

The highly unpredictable future may change your life. We don’t know what is awaiting us in our retirement life. When you are employed you can meet even the unexpected expenditures. But in the post retired life automatically your income through the pension scheme will be less and you must find some alternate plans for income. So that you can face the most vulnerable conditions in the future.

  • Work forever – not possible

As you get older your stamina and efficiency will get reduced automatically. So never think that as long as alive you can work with uniform efficiency. Your body may restrict you from doing the same work which you had done earlier. And more than that life demands some rest too in your old age. So as a backup plan keep a well-maintained investment habit.

  • Contribute to the family

In most of the family, there will be some duties assigned to the head of the family. Even after your retirement, you may be the head of your family and many occasions may come in which you have to play a cardinal role. The family will definitely expect your contribution. You may have children and grandchildren and they may anticipate valuable gifts on special occasions from you. If you are able to provide this token of love to your children, that will be an assurance that you will be there for them in all odd circumstances.

  • An ideal time to enjoy

Retirement life is the best time to enjoy after a lifelong hard work. Many people carry different dreams of enjoyment and may not fulfill it due to many reasons. They may have got tangled in the busy life work schedules or had been in financial crisis. After finishing with all duties you can recheck your vacation plans. One can plan a trip to the dream locations without any liabilities in their post-retirement life. The well-planned investments can help them out during those times. 

  • Financial independence

Your life must be your freedom. Even after retirement, you need not live in the mercy of someone else. Without being a burden to the remaining family members you can lead an independent life with proper investment plans. The P&G retirement plans will definitely help you through this. The two active retirement plans of the P& G company –a savings plan and a profit-sharing plan makes you financially independent even during the retired life.


No matter how much you take home, no matter how caring is your family-there is always a time when you become conscious that you feel like living a self-governing life and accomplish your wishes. Such will be the position of your retirement. To take pleasure in this golden phase, it is always vital to have adequate resources in your pockets and this is possible with successful retirement planning. Plan the future and make it happen.

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