Beijing, China Temple of Heaven and Yonghe Lama Temple

China Temple of Heaven and Yonghe Lama Temple

When it comes to the China country so, there you can find one of the largest Buddhist shrines Lama Temple and it is a temple of the Gelugpa (Huangjiao) in Tibetan Buddhism. However, earlier this place of worship was a home of the ruler of the Qing Emperor (the Emperor Yongzheng) and then later the same temple was turned to a great holy shrine where people visit to worship Buddha. This is a worth visiting temple in China, Beijing.

Leave the greatest cultural values

The Lama Temple is considered is a home of the local government that is the Qing Dynasty who is completely devoted to a royal family and the holy shrine. Here, you can also get an opportunity to explore lots of Buddha statues, as well as discover plenty of most valuable and treasured cultural traditions in the temples. Besides, you can travel around the 500d Arhats which are beautifully engraved by rosewood, along with a colossal statue of Buddha of Jinsangmu and the white sandalwood that is about the 18 meters high as well as you can see up to three masters of the timber model technique of the Lama Temple. You can see Buddha in the Wanfu Pavilion and it is worth seeing. Here you can find a tree that is quite neighbouring to Nepal and it was bought by the Seventh Dalai Lama and then he was heartily devoted to the Emperor Qianlong. You can book tickets online using Goibibo Offers with great deals.

Important Sights at Lama Temple

Gate Hall of concord and peace

In this temple, there is Gate Hall of Harmony and Peace and this gate moves towards the Yonghe Temple, and later on, this hall was refurbished as Hall of divine Kings. Here, the temple was designed with the most vivid colour of sculpture lion and its purpose of building it to protect the hall. 

At the middle point of the hallway, one of the fabulous statues of Maitreya engraved that is sitting with a complete smiling face that was carved with the monsters. Next, in behind posture the Maitreya is equipped Skanda, that works as protectors of Buddhist monasteries. Aldo, there are two different sides of the passage, and striking statutes are standing with Four Heavenly Kings that leads to monsters, and it is devoted to their responsibility in eradicating the wicked spirits as well as helps to protect the entire universe. In the north face there is a fabulous Yonghe Gate lobby that is shown in standing position with the Grand Stele Pavilion.

Hall of perpetual safeguard 

There was a famous Prince Yong who used to live in Yonghe Temple and that is known as the hall of perpetual safeguard and this hallway was built for their study and bedroom. After sometimes this beautiful entrance completely works as a great safeguard for the rulers of the Qing Dynasty. Yongyou Hall has five rooms and each five-room is merged with two rooms. There are also almost 10 rooms there. When you will visit in the middle epicentre of the entrance, see the 2.35m giant sandalwood statues, and such statues show Buddha’ immeasurable Life (Amitabha), Bhaisajya Guru (Medicine Buddha) on the left side and on the right side, the Simhanada Buddha is positioned.

Hall of the Wheel of the Law

Explore breathtaking hall of the Wheel of the Law and it the main centre of attraction that shows Han and Tibetan cultures. Although, in the midpoint, you can see a hall that is standing with a delightful 6.1-meter-high bronze Buddha’s massive lotus-designed porch. As this is a stunning Tsongkhapa, who is a founder of the Yellow Hat (Gelug) of Tibetan Buddhism. This entrance was constructed in 1924; it took almost 200,000 silver keeping taels which has value approximately $5 million US Dollars in 2015. When you peek at the mountain body then find that is engraved by rosewood, and there are up to 500 arhats and those were made of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin in various positions stances.

Pavilion of Ten Thousand Pleasures 

One of the most attractive and giant hall that is named as the Pavilion of Ten Thousand Pleasure, as such hallway is about 25 meters high that is designed with three storeys. Yongkang Pavilion and Yansui Pavilion which come with many sides which are completely joint by slide entrances. When you come to a hall so, find out a huge Maitreya Buddha that is engraved by around 26m expensive white sandalwood tree and this tree offers a great tribute to the 7th Dalai Lama. Also, the Buddha is standing in 8 meters extensive with 18 meters high. Without a doubt, this is the finest timber crafted hallway in Lama Temple.  You can see latest result from fresh hiring.

That’s why Beijing, China temple of heaven and Yonghe lama temple in China.

So, here when you visit the Lama temples in Beijing so, you can find the temple arcade has an archetypal Chinese Buddhist shrine blueprint that consists of three patio designs. Although, in the main building structures there is the north-south axis with Hall of the Heavenly Kings. A wide range of connected buildings is located on each surface of the axis house study rooms and monks’ dormitories.

However, the entire buildings have a unique amalgamation of Han, Manchu, and Mongolian and Tibetan Buddhist layouts and above the entry gateway of each major hall droop a commemorative dedication with the forename of the hallway with dedications in Tibetan, Mongolian and Chinese vernaculars.

You can visit at an array of different Buddha and Arhat statues which are all preserved in the place of worship and amongst them an 18-meter-high (60 feet) Buddha statue engraved from the sandalwood which is highly expensive and worth visit.

Now plan for your Beijing Tour and when you will visit China, Beijing then never miss out visiting the lama temples and it is an unforgettable trip to china always. 

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