Best Parental App to Monitor Social Media on Computer & Cell Phones

Monitor Social Media

Social networking apps are fascinating for people worldwide and they are using social platforms all day long on cell phones and computers. You may have seen people staring at the smartphones even when they are walking on the roads, sitting on the bench, at railway stations and even in the busses. There is a number of phones running with contemporary operating systems such as androids, IOS, and blackberries. 

These modern cell phones provide users such a user-friendly interface especially when they use social messaging apps. On the other hand, the same is the case with the MAC and Windows machines that are mostly seen in the business firm and in the hands-on young kids for education purposes. corporate security conference held every year to train people.

Young kids and teens mostly use Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Viber, and plenty of other IM’s on cell phones and computers. They mostly bullied online and trapped by the stalker, child abusers and other dangerous online predators. Therefore, parents get worried and they really want to set parental control on cell phones and computer laptops. They can Parental App to Monitor Social Media on smartphones and computer desktops devices with cell phone & computer spying app. 

Install TOS monitoring app 

First of all, you need to subscribe to the parental control software for cell phones and for PCs. Once you have got the credentials and installed it successfully. Then you need to activate it on your target device o gadget. You will have options either you are willing to use it secretly by hiding the icon or you want to leave it as it is. Now you can access the parental control tool that enables parents to track the social media activities of kids and teens to the fullest on smartphones and computer devices. You can use the following mentioned tools to spy on all the trendy instant messengers convincingly.

TOS spy 360 

Parents can easily set parental control on all the social media apps within no time if they have installed cell phone and computer tracking spyware on the target device. They can use spy 360 live screen sharing. It enables a user to share the screen of the target cell phone into the web portal which a user can access through passcode and ID given by the TOS. A user can view live activities made on social media. It means nothing a target user can hide from the parents about social networking apps


You can track all the keystrokes applied to the target cell phones or computers within no time. It enables a user to view password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and others. Having the entire keystrokes user can get access to the phone messenger and even into the MAC device. They just need to use mobile phone spy app for tracking software to track instant messaging apps on the phone and they need to use the MAC spyware to track the messengers on the device. 

Live call/ Screen recording 

Parents can do the live call recording on the cell phone screen and can make back to back short videos of the screen to view the IM’s activities. You can do Facebook live call recording, Yahoo live screen recording, Snapchat screen recording, Tinder live call recording, and others. TheOneSpy is the best to call recorder for android. You can do the screen recording of the MAC laptop with the front camera of the machine and get to know social messaging apps activities.  


You can get remotely screenshots of all the activities happen on the phone. 

IM’s social media 

Use it and view IM’s logs, chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and even can listen to the VOICE calls.

MAC & windows parental control app 

Website blocking 

A user can block all the websites including social media platforms. They just need to put the URLs into the filters and no one will get access to the blocked websites. 

Features for Windows 

Block websites

It also enables the user to block the website you want to on the window device, put the URLs into filters.

Mighty alarms 

Fix alarms on activities happen on the windows machine; you can set alarms on social media activities and stay updated.


Set parental control on your social media activities by using the cell phone and computer spyware on phones and computer PCs and put your worries to the rest.

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