Free YouTube Views Vs Paid YouTube Views | Which is better?

Free YouTube Views

We usually do not like what is easily available to us, and that too for free, Right? Well, yes we often doubt why is it for free? How would it be in terms of quality? And we are full of questions for anything that is available to us for free. We give more importance to branded and expensive things.

Well, the case is just the opposite, if we talk about the YouTube views. The quality of the views that we generate ourselves is far better than those we buy.

When you start your YouTube channel, initially you might not have even a single view. Slowly, and gradually it would increase to 10, 20, 30, and more.

These views that generate due to the interest of the users in your channel, is called Free YouTube Views. 

More About Free YouTube and Paid YouTube Views:

You get the responses through different channels of promotions. There are many genuine people who watch your channel due to their interest.

They will continue to watch the videos on your channel and will wait for the next uploads. 

On the contrary, there are some people who opt immediately to buy YouTube views, because they do not want to wait for the growth, they want everything to happen instantly. They are unaware of the facts and reality. 

People launch their channel today, and within a month, they wish to monetize their channel. Profit in the first month itself is not even possible in the offline market. How can we expect to get the same in the online market, that too on a platform with over 1.7 million competitors? 

Now, if you talk about for how long you shall rely on Free YouTube Views and think of getting the ranking of your channel, so there is no fixed time. It entirely depends on the competition in your selected niche, your targeted keywords, quality of the videos on your channel, and other similar things. 

Therefore, yes before you jump on paid promotions, and buying the YouTube views or subscribers put all your genuine efforts. Optimize your channel according to the recent YouTube Algorithm. Do not simply keep on uploading videos without marketing your channel. 

You cannot get customers until they are aware of your outlet, products or services. The same applies to your YouTube channel. 

Therefore, when you want that you should have an increased number of Free YouTube Views, you should practice all possible tactics for the same. 

In a Nutshell:

There are various YouTube channels that have enough Free YouTube Views to monetize their channel within six months. On the contrary, there are several others who have tried paid methods, and other black hat tactics. But still lack behind for years.

So, focus on quality, you will automatically get the quantity in views. Your mission should be getting to know the choice of the customers, and providing the desired content to the audience better than your competitors, and you can surely excel. 

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