To prepare for GRE exams


GRE exams

This is a standardized exam to measure one’s abilities in thinking in terms of analytical writing, mathematics, and grammar. This is mainly used by schools in nations like the USA and Canada to determine the abilities of the candidates who wish to seek admissions in the master’s program. This is a computer-based exam and in areas where there is no availability of the network, the paper-based exams can also be conducted. GRE coaching in Delhi is the main business in this sector nowadays. The test judges the candidates on the basis of 3 categories among which the questions are divided;

  • Verbal reasoning: This means to draw conclusions from various statements. This also helps to judge the ability to find out the differences and distinguish between things. This also helps to judge the capacity to process information which they gather from the written materials, and find out the relationships between various sentences.
  • Quantitative segment: This means to solve various problems measured through the concepts of geometry and data analysis and algebra. This is based on finding answers to various mathematical problems and interpreting the solutions to be drawn. 
  • Analytical writing: This section judges the abilities of candidates on the basis of critical thinking and writing their thoughts into words. How well they can convert their ideas into reality is judged here. 

History of GRE: This was started by 4 universities in 1938 who told the students to go for this test. Earlier only quantitative and verbal sections were there but later on reasoning part was added. Later on, in 2007, the style of questions was changed and the form of the questions asked in the maths section was also changed. The new scoring scale was introduced in 2011 and this was considered a major change in this test. The scoring was then made based on sections and not questions. The current range of scores is from 130-170 scored in one-point increments. The mean scores for verbal are 150.1 and the mean scores for the quantitative part are 152.8 and the mean scores for the writing part are 3.5. This test is used to screen the applicants in the admission process. Various schools accept both GMAT and GRE for admissions to the course of MBA as well. The GRE does not measure the vocabulary skills as in the case of GMAT but focuses more on mathematical abilities. 

The test is conducted for more than 3 hours including breaks in between. There is no limit between the number of attempts one can take for the exam but there must be a time gap of 21 days in between both attempts and 5 attempts are allowed in a year. One can appear multiple times in order to improve the scores so that one may get admission to the desired institute. One must prepare well for this exam as it is not easy to crack such exams because of the competition factor. Various institutes provide GRE coaching in Delhi from whom professional help and guidance can be taken to succeed and score well in the exam.

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