The Ultimate Guide to Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Weddings are those important and intricate moments in ones lives that you cannot forget. Thus, things like wedding dresses are made once in the lifetime and there are umpteen choices for you. Ultimately, you need to know that the amount of happiness it can give, it can make you work hard too. Thus, there is a guide which you can follow if you want to.

Wedding dresses need to be preserved, cleaned and taken care of. Apart from that, there is a lot of planning to do when you are finalizing the dress for your wedding. Thus, we bring to you the ultimate guide to your perfect wedding dress. We have a few tips you can work upon to create the best kind of memories. Apart from that, it is a small hope for all those clueless brides to be who want some help regarding their wedding dress.

 1.Create a specific budget for your wedding dress.

There is a need to be in budget all the time. This is because; when it is your wedding there is a lot of money at stake already due to the grand decorations and aesthetic settings. Thus, if you are someone who is a conscious spender, you would put a check on your wedding dress budget. Yes, you should indeed turn no stone unturned for your wedding but we do not want it to burn a hole in the pocket. Research about local designers who make beautiful wedding dresses. They are on par with the designer wedding dresses but they really help you if you are running on a tight budget.

 2.Wedding Dress Cleaning Techniques

You can take a wedding gown preservation kit for cleaning and preserving your wedding dress after and before the D-Day. There are different dress cleaning techniques and some of the professionals use the wet cleaning method. They wash the dress and remove the stains with a gentle cleanser or a detergent. It is well known that when you do not treat a stain, it will turn yellow and remain on the dress for a very long time. Hence, we advise you to get the wedding dress cleaned as soon as your wedding is done.

If you don’t want to hire a preservationist, you may buy a wedding gown preservation kit and complete the cleaning by yourself.

Some professionals also use the dry cleaning method where the dress is placed in a dry cleaning machine. The solvent that you use in the machine that dry cleans should be away from any kind of delicate or intricate decorations. They can be protected by the muslin cloth which can be removed while the cleaning cycle is going on.  You can use petroleum-based cleansers to clean your stains. You would be surprised to know that the petrol-based solvents give a sheen to the dress once they remove the stains.

 3.Know how to pack the dress after the wedding is done.

You need to know the ways of pristine packaging once your wedding is done. You have a certain style of packaging materials and they are essential in deciding the life of your grown. Whichever storage materials are being used, they need to be completely acid-free and clean. This is because once the whole cleaning of your wedding dress process is done; they will wrap it in the acid-free tissue storage material. 

Pack your wedding dress in a pH-neutral box where the gown can be allowed to breathe. Apart from that, they should be away from direct light and instead be stored in a cool and dry place.

 4.Handling your Wedding Dress in a proper way

There is a need to handle your wedding dress the proper way and do not touch it unless you really feel the need to. Any preservationist you hire will tell you to be away from the wedding dress. However, when it is required do so with washed hands.

Do not ever wrap your dress in plastic and instead use a muslin cloth. When you are hanging your dress too, stay away from the stainless steel hangers and instead use a padded one. If you talk to a preservationist they will tell you that the light, heat, and humidity will play a major role in damaging the wedding gown. Hence, store your wedding dress in a cool, dry place.


Another important tip is that when you are hunting for a wedding dress; choose those silhouettes that can flatter your body shape. You have to choose a proper fabric too that can stay for time to come. After all, it is your wedding dress that is simply a dream come true for you.

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