Guidelines for Increasing the Power of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Every SMS marketing initiative is unique. While some companies see SMS marketing as a core component of their strategy, others see it as an add-on.

According to a report, 89% of shoppers use their smartphones while shopping. In light of this, which business do you think will employ a more successful marketing strategy?

If you already use SMS marketing, here are some tips and suggestions on how to increase your success.

1. Create a team for SMS marketing

Large-scale SMS marketing campaigns cannot be DIYed. You’ll need a variety of experienced professionals if you want to make the most of your digital marketing strategy. You’ll require an expert in SMS marketing programs, one in retail, coordinators for on-site signs, digital creative designers, social media specialists, a specialist in promotions, an analyst of ROI and discount budgets, and more. Many of these jobs might be accomplished by one or a small group of people.

Due to the necessity for integration across various domains as well as the increasing urgency of the SMS timeline, the marketing team must collaborate closely and communicate frequently about goals, tactics, and execution. The breadth of your SMS workforce will decide how much profit you realize from effective marketing strategies.

2. Write Brief Messages

Use your 160 characters strategically to get your argument across. Try to finish it sooner if you can. Make sure the message is concise and written in easy English. Avoid using acronyms, emojis, or full capital letters.

Use only closed messages. An example of an open-ended message is one that welcomes customers to a sale but does not state when it will conclude. The client doesn’t know if it’s for a single day or a full month. If a sale has a deadline or a discount has an expiration date, customers are more inclined to act because you’ve given them enough information and incentive.

3. Justify your timing

With SMS, everything happens instantly. An email message opens in three minutes on average. Impulsive last-minute purchases are the best customer responses to discounts, promotions, and events promoted through SMS. If your store opens on Friday night, send the message on Friday afternoon. Send the email at night rather than in the morning if your restaurant is offering a dinner special.

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