Home appliances care and maintenance tips

Home appliances

A homemaker understands the importance of home appliances in daily life. The unseen reality is every family is dependent on these appliances. Home appliances make life simpler and easier. Since these appliances are man-made machines thus it requires proper care and maintenance. Few appliance care routines on a regular interval ensure the extended life for them. Different types of appliances have different expectancy after which they started to create problems. 

By following the given simple care routine, you will be able to save expense, time and efforts. 

Refrigerator needs care

A refrigerator is the most common appliance at every home. Do not overload your refrigerator with excessive food items. The compressor needs to work more to cool the more stuff. Hence it may affect the life of the compressor. Refrigerate only such item which is meant to be refrigerated. For example, do not refrigerate too hot items and packed items that mentioned not to be refrigerated. In case of confusion re-read the Appliance Repair and maintenance guide for refrigerator

Defrost the refrigerator at least once a week. A thick layer deposited ice slower the cooling process. If a heavy layer has been deposited don’t use any solvent or hair drier type of electronic items. Have patience when ice becomes melted collect the ice and wipe all the refrigerator with a sponge or cotton towel. However, the refrigerator of advance technology acquires auto defrost features so it does not require manual defrosting.

Check the freeze every second day and remove the item which is not required anymore.

Washing machine cleaning routine

Don’t overload the machine more than the advised limit. Overloading may damage the motor and pump section of the machine.

Clean your washing machine at regular intervals to keep it functioning well. So that all washed clothes will look clean and smells good. 

Over a while, the calcium and magnesium content of water can be deposited on the inner surface of the machine. This deposition is known as limescale. To loosen the accumulated limescale gives proper cleaning to a washing machine once in a month. First, you run the machine with mild warm water and a baking soda or vinegar. Then rerun the machine with decalcifier and warm water and you have done. 

Let the machine door open for a while when washing has done to evaporate the moisture. If the filter of washing machine has stuffed, unscrew the filter cap or replace it with a new one if it is not functioning well. 

Cleaning habit for microwave ovens

Often cleaning of the oven is essential. If it is not a self-cleaning oven then it requires a few minutes cleaning every week. Since we cook food items inside it thus cleaning spray which contains toxic chemical shall be avoided. Cleaning with natural product requires only a few basic things. Apply a layer of baking soda and spray water inside the oven. Wipe the layer of soda paste after one hour. You may be noticed that all carbonized food and greasiness will go.

Another way of cleaning is to boil water in the microwave in a microwave-safe glass. The generated steam will loosen all the strain. Wipe all the charred food with the help of baking soda and water.

Gas stove maintenance

Gas stove cleaning is crucial. Be cautious while cooking because regular spilling over the burner can cause excessive clogging in it. And the clogged burner consumes excessive fuel. 

If food has spelled is some unavoidable circumstances wipe up immediately. In electronic stove clean the ceramic nub of ignitor with the help of a toothbrush. This way burner will work efficiently thus, the fuel consumption will also be reduced.

Maintenance of window Air conditioner

Window AC may be stuffed with much-unwanted specks of dust if not in use for a few months, especially in winters. Generally, its filter requires to be clean after the use of 250 to 350 hours of use.

Basic filter cleaning of AC can be done by yourself. For internal servicing which needs more technicality contact an authorized service center to get the proper service for AC. This way AC will function for too long.


In the above article, the tips and tricks to handle a few home appliances have mentioned. Similarly, other appliances like dishwasher, coffee machine, and electric stove also require maintenance on a regular interval. 

The unsaid rule to maintain the long life for an appliance is to provide service and care at regular intervals but if a problem arises which can not be fixed by you contact a service provider for Appliance Repair rather than try to fix it by yourself. We can not buy and replace gadgets too frequently. But proper care of appliances can prevent you and your family from any difficult situation.

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