How to Get More YouTube Views – The Simple Method

More YouTube Views

There is tough competition if you desire to rack up YouTube views. Online marketing is booming and people across the world are uploading several videos to promote their services and products. To seize potential buyers, grab more traffic to the website, YouTubeviews are significant. To get more YouTube views, there aren’t any crazy strategies, only practical, smart, and simple tactics help the channel grow and obtain more views. 

Let’s glimpse through a few points on how to get more YouTube views.

1. Titles to be keyword rich

The importance of keyword research is understood at this point. It is significant to have an interesting and descriptive title as they grab the user’s attention and keyword-rich title sorts for relevancy reasons. There are ample SEO methods that can be used for keyword research such as keyword planner and more tools.

2. Create a viewing loop

To sustain people in your channel, viewing loop can be used. To increase views, viewing loop is an effective way. This tactic urges people to watch more appropriate and interesting videos created and a loop is formed. By this way, viewers are tuned and stay in the videos. For example, when any video is watched, a banner like a poster is highlighted or at the video’s end, the viewers are promoted to watch more of the same category videos. This can be achieved by adding in-video links and suggestions for “watch next” videos.

3. Descriptions should be keyword rich and quality

Your videos content can be represented to the search engine and viewers through video description. By this way, views and click-through rates are enhanced. Users would also get to know the actual content in the video. It would be suggested to remain generic and also stand out of the rest with descriptions. The descriptions should be in a manner they entice the viewers and should be optimised for YouTube search engine.

4. Concentrate on search engine optimization 

For ones looking to get Youtube views in short duration should make sure to follow search engine optimization. There are three parameters for SEO and they are

  • Possessing an appropriate and attractive thumbnail.
  • Appropriate headlines that people are looking for.
  • Relevant and accurate descriptions that people are looking for.

 5. Being active in your niche community 

Though you promote yourself in your videos, it is significant to be active in a niche community. It would be great to comment on other videos and offer your comments or feedback. There may be certain video contents that miss important information, this can be utilized and your video link can be associated to offer more data. By being helpful, you can gain more views, subscribers, and rewards.

6. Create a playlist for videos

For the audience to watch the videos continuously playlist can be created. By this way, once the first video is complete, the other videos play automatically. This avoids the viewer to navigate off the player and more views are obtained. Playlists can be embedded and can be posted on the channels; also users can share them for more views. It is suggested to make a unique playlist where there are relevancy and flow of videos being played. This idea is great for entertaining and educational content.

7. Promote marquee videos 

A marquee video is one that spreads awareness to YouTube channel and other videos. A video should possess at least 5000 views so that they gain the opportunity to appear in search results. Similar to internal linking of websites, marquee videos are a great way to gain in views and traffic for lesser channel and videos.

8. Guest YouTubers 

Guest YouTubers, industry influencers are similar to guest posting in blogs are ones who own their followers and can be helpful to boost your video views. Like influencer marketing, guest you tubing grabs users attention by providing a unique and varied perspective to your industry.

9. Create compelling content 

To get youtube views on large numbers, it is necessary to create compelling videos. To create compelling videos, hunt for what is required for the viewers and create relevant videos. For example, YouTube creator Graham Cochrane made up 34 million views by concentrating on how-to content.

10. Add watermark

By using water marks more subscribers and views can be obtained. Water marks are the image on the videos, as visitors hover over the watermark, they can subscribe.


These are a few smart ways that can be followed to get YouTube views. When the content of the video is of enhanced quality, appropriate for viewers, and informative, then views and subscriptions can never be stopped. The video creator has to plan well in advance on all aspects and develop the video. Successful videos would gain more views and subscribers.  

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