How-To Guide for Selecting The Brand Name For Your Company

How-to guide

You are here because you probably have sorted out a business roadmap for your company or are ready to launch your company in the market, and of course, our SEO is strong and Google is smart. Things apart, you are definitely looking for a brand name for your company to gain popularity. If yes, then you are on the right page. Here’s a ‘How-to guide’ for selecting the best brand name for your company. 

Principles for brand name selection

Before we take you through all the principles involved in selecting your brand name, you should choose what type of name would you like to have for your company. When it comes to types – there are two – one that reflects your service and products, and the second one comes with high risk and high profit. The second type involves selecting a name that distinguishes you from all your competitors and makes you entirely unique. With this type of name, comes faith and brand recognition, the two things necessary for uncapped growth. This may also involve coming up with a new word that makes you an instant trend in the market. Here is How to name a company?

Post selecting the type of name that you want, it’s time to follow these simple principles:

  • Unique name

Your brand name should make you stand out of the line of your competition. Your name should have such an impact that it conveys your intent clearly while making you totally different than your competitors. 

  • Worthy of remembrance

Your name should be easy to remember when your clients or potential clients hear it for the first time. Having a name that’s easy to spell and remember does half the campaign of branding your company. A name that is simple and unique gives the brand an undoubted power of widespread recognition, hence great revenues. 

  • Keep the global picture in your mind.

While all the factors are equally important, but this one is a thumb rule for naming MNCs. You should select a name that can be easily translated, without losing the impact of the brand name. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Brand Name

If you have a strong grip over digital marketing and the modern-day online world, then you are fully aware of the rising cost of rebranding. You will not like spending a couple or two thousand dollars going in your business to rebrand it. To avoid this, you should avoid these mistakes to get the perfect brand name.

  • Going hell for leather.

You shouldn’t be naming your company in a hurry. When you don’t take enough time to think and act spontaneously about such things, chances are that you are going to regret and rebrand, or suffer at the hands of poor brand reputation. 

  • Being too subtle or clever.

If you are trying to be subtle while naming your company and want to crack some back in the pocket joke, chances are that your audience won’t get it. That’s why it’s advisable to name your company with a simple name that’s easy for the audience to remember and mention in a conversation for the verbal recommendations.

  • Choosing a too descriptive/long name.

If you decide to name your product with a title that states clearly what your product is and does, common sense says that it will be longer than the average name of a company. This scenario makes the rate of verbal recommendations almost zero as it’s too difficult for anyone to remember a name that long. That’s why you should always go for shorter words while registering your company. 

  •  Ignoring international diversification. 

This one is for the companies who are looking to go multi-national after a certain time. You need to choose a name that translates well in almost all the widely known global languages. If not fully translatable into a meaningful world, at least it should not translate into a funny and insulting slang. 

  • Looking for your own pleasure.

 If you are looking for brand names for sale with an expert naming agency and they suggest names, and you are rejecting each suggestion just because it doesn’t please you but satisfies all the brand ground rules, then you might be taking a step into the regret territory. You should know that your brand name is for telling clients over the world about the product’s benefits and it’s doesn’t need to be music to your ears. 

Now that we have talked about the ground rules of brainstorming for brand naming, here’s a more detailed take on them. 

Ground rules to follow while brainstorming for the brand name:

The process where you sit and think about would-be names for your company and shortlist some of the candidates is called brainstorming. Following are some golden rules to carry out seamless brainstorming

  • Gather your friends and family. 
  • Let their imagination run wild and free. 
  • Be open to listening to the weirdest name ideas, who knows what may come your way and you find the perfect brand name in a crazy idea. 
  • Do another round with different people who are more involved in your work regimes like your associates and colleagues. Follow the same steps as above. 
  • Start shortlisting names. Shortlist only five names at a time.

How to Finalize the Brand Name

Once you are aware of all the principles of selecting a brand name, and mistakes to avoid them, it is also necessary to understand where your search for the perfect name ends. It ends here. These are some tips to consider while finalizing the brand name from competitive candidates:

The perfect name:

  • should not be registered under any other patent or trademark. It should be 100% unique. 
  • should be SEO friendly. Search engine optimizers should not face difficulties while playing around with keywords and brand name. 

That’s good…!! You made it to the end. Now you know all about selecting the brand name for your company. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, and name your company right to start those revenues flowing in. 

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