Inspiring lottery winner stories

Inspiring lottery winner stories

Winning in a lottery jackpot occasions many emotions in different players. Overwhelmed by feelings of the windfall, some may even commit suicide. Yet, others may fail to contain their opinions, which may lead to specific conditions like a heart attack. There those who think that winning in a Powerball or MegaMillions may expose them to unscrupulous individuals like thieves and murders. This should not be the case because you can emerge as Guinness World Record lottery winner and make positive impacts not only to yourself but your community as well. This blog aims at exploring some positive narratives from past lottery winners.

Neal Wanless from Todd County, S. Dakota

This cowboy, aged 23, led a life full of hardships. He was late in filing property taxes, found it challenging to conduct necessary repairs in his ranch and dealing is scrap metal business to get some extra cash. At that time, the best adjective to describe his situation was a person wallowing in abject poverty.

Faced with his tough situation but determined to succeed, Neal decided to try his luck by buying a Powerball lottery ticket. His total expenditure for the five games he played was $5. He decided to select the lottery numbers from his immediate family members’ birthdays. As luck would have it, Neal won the highest Powerball jackpot of $88.5 million.

Neal not only used the amount he won from the jackpot to meet his personal needs but used part of it for community service.

Cynthia P. Stanford

This mother of five has a touching story of how she won the Powerball Jackpot. She was struggling with her father’s upkeep plus five children that her deceased brother left behind. She struggled to pay bills and entertained dreams of winning in a lottery. Her main target was to win $112 million. Surprisingly, in 2007, Stanford won that exact amount which she had dreamed for sometimes.

She used the amount to meet her family’s needs and committed part of it in establishing a film firm in pursuit of her vision.

John and Linda 

The two won a Mega Millions jackpot. They decided to use the amount in honor of their parent’s wishes. They approached the Green Island village hall and inquired about how to help the community. The administration asked them to rehabilitate the local park. The winners obliged and replaced the older pool with a classic modern one. The couple also used part of the amount to meet their needs and help friends.

The family of Pearlie Mae Smith 

Pearlie Smith encouraged her seven children to dedicate part of their time to community service. The children continued volunteering to the community on various fronts, like working on the community gardens. When the family won in a $429 million Powerball jackpot, they used part of their windfall to assist in community service.

Les Robins

She was a high school teacher who believed that children should participate in specific activities like sporting, swimming, and exploring their outdoor environments. When she won $111 in a Powerball jackpot, he decided to construct a camp to bring joy to children.


People should not fear to win in a jackpot because they can use the amount improve themselves and their communities as well. The blog covers inspiring stories of winners and how they have improved their status and those of their communities. You too, can be inspired.

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