Is there any helpline number for Shopclues contest?


There are many of the contests and discounts offers that are going on, on the Shopclues official website. Well, these contests are good for attracting more and more customers to use the site. FYI, there is a helpline number for all such competition, and same is the case with Shopclues

Well, everyone looks forward to increasing their business, and if lucky draw contests work for the online shopping platform, there is no wrong in practicing the same. 

Also, Shopclues lucky draw contest provides happiness to the customers when they get to avail the chance of winning new and exciting prizes every day. Some get to attract bonanza while some are benefitted with the small gifts. However, it is not about the big or small; it is winning that makes all happy.

Now, everything that gains popularity in the online world is always in the notice of the hackers. It makes them available with an additional opportunity for cheat and fraud. Similar is the case with these online lucky draw contests. 

The fraudsters are cheating hundreds of users of these online websites. So, you beware of these hacks. Be a part of these contests, but do not answer any questions on the calls.

When To ApproachShopclues Customer Care For Lucky Draw Contest:

The fraudsters gather the information of the online users randomly. They also keep track of the ongoing contests on the shopping platforms. It is only accurate for Shopclues Lucky Draw Contest, but the same is the scenario of shop clues, Paytm mall, Amazon, Flipkart, and others. 

These frauds collect the personal information of the user that they enter while shopping and then utilize the same against the customer. They make calls to the customer representing the officials from the online shopping portals, and then spread false information on their winning. 

Also, on the name of winning they ask the user to pay some registration amount of the contest or share their account number to transfer the winning amount, their CVV or One-time password, or any other relevant information. 

The information taken from the user over the call is misused and they end-up hacking your bank account and deducting the amount from the same.

The only way to excuse yourself from such kinds of fraud is not listening to any of such information over the call. It is because for the winners Shopclues or any other shopping website sends ab email and never calls the customer. 

So, rather than providing your details over the call, you shall approach Shopclues lucky draw customer care. You shall immediately report to the customer care department of the Shopclues or the cybercrime. 

Final words:

Reporting of the issue to the cyber cell is essential. It will not only save you but a million others who fall easy prey to such frauds happening every day. The hackers and scams succeed in their motives because users like us who know do not share it with others. Also, the cyber cell can start tracking the number immediately after your complaint and stop it from spreading.

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