What you need to know about packaging machine knives

packaging machine knives

The demand for freshly prepared, portable, and perfectly measured food is kept increasing. It implies that the food retailer and manufacturer need to be more productive in production and packaging to meet the requirement of the consumers. Roll stock blades are a good example of packaging knives which generally use for the sealing of cup and tray. The manufacturer usually ensures the longevity and efficiency of blades to ensure maximum cut.

Generally, machine knives manufacturer can supply all types of packaging knives. Some of the packaging knives are HFFS, VFFS, Vacuum Packaging, cup and tray sealing, etc that is useful for a wide range of applications. The manufacturer examines the material, grade of the blades and the quality of coatings during the production of the knives. It is always advised to recondition the blades to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Types of packaging machine knives

There are various types are available for packaging machine knives. Most popular and useful types of machine knives are:

1. Horizontal form

These knives are commonly used for sealing horizontal packaging. In various industries such as nutrition, bakery, cosmetics, pet food, dairy, pharmaceutical, etc, such blades are common in use.

To handle the impact on daily basis manufacturer, you must use the high-quality wear-resistant tool.

The blades can be customized for various applications. It comes in various price, speed, and types such as zig-zag, straight, etc.

2. Vertical form

None of the packaging industry can be run without a vertical form of packaging knives. It used for many important applications in industry. The industries where it is commonly used are poultry, snacks, coffee, and food market. Always prefer to buy high-quality blades which are suitable for daily use and made up with wear-resistant steel.

3. Vacuum blades

The fast-food market uses these blades so frequently. Wherever the vacuum packing is needed these blades preferred to use by the industry. The hard-wearing, sharp, precise and accuracy are the key features of the vacuum blade that make it suitable for the fast-food market. There is a various customized form of such knives are available.

4. Tray sealing

These blades come in various sizes, shapes, and variety. These sharp and accurate blades of various sizes are quite suitable for the packaging of ready meals and related products. The widely used applications of such blades are in the packaging of yogurt, coffee, salad bowls, ready meals, fruit cups, and dips. The manufacturer provides various types in such blades.

5. Case sealing

These knives are perfect for bakery, pastry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and various other industries.

Case sealing is generally required at the final stage of delivery while giving it to customers. All products that required delivering in box case sealing knives is must there. It also comes in various price, size, and variety.

6. Machine scissors

For the packaging of frozen vegetables, baby food and packing of dairy are the areas where machine scissors prefer to be used. 

7. Sealing jaws

Precious sealing of goods and products is very important in all over the packaging industry. The sealing knife comes in various forms for different applications. You can get the sealing knife at the best price just in little effort.


These knives use for multiple ranges of industries. Such industries are medical packaging, fresh and preserve food packaging, film and foil industries, plastic bag industry and many others. From high-quality, supplier-customer can easily get the best quality of blades at the best price.

You should choose the type of blade as per your requirement. There are various grades of blades are available, you must choose the blade that perfectly suits to your requirement. The manufacturer generally offers high quality and customized stainless steel as per the government norms. Make sure steel is ‘heat treat’ that helps to retain the blade cutting ability and make it corrosion resistant.

There are many variants are available for tooth angles and tooth pitch to achieve the various tasks. Some variants of blades are double bevel, chisel, perforated, serrated, and EZ open.

Titanium nitrate, Teflon, and carbide are types of coating that generally preferred to use enhance the quality of blades and make it wear-resistant.


The packaging machine knives have a variety of usage in the packaging and processing industries. The raw materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and tungsten steel are commonly used for making blades. Its production requires a series of procedures such as heat treatment, smoothing, fine grinding, deep cold, thermal insulation, and hardening. This procedure improves the quality of the product and makes it robust. The more it robust the more it can be used effortlessly. The features that are generally expected from the knives are longevity, corrosion-resistant; all parameters must be appropriate as per the government norms and suitable for the appropriate application.

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