Things Parents Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have become popular amongst the young generation and are spreading faster as time goes on. The naivety that is pegged with its popular rise has also mushroomed among many individuals. These people include users and also the parents or guardians of the users. Here are some fantastic insights on precisely what this phenomenon of e-cigarettes is all about. E-cigarettes are a short form of electronic cigarettes. These are gadgets that are used to dispense smoke through an electronically powered gizmo whereby a flavored syrup is heated and produces rich sweet-smelling smoke for inhalation. They are also known as vapes or smoke pens. Here is an in-depth report on what parents should know about e-cigarettes. 

How They Work

The traditional cigarette is sparked by a flame, combusts, and burns its components – nicotine and tobacco – to produce smoke that the user inhales. However, an e-cigarette produces smoke once it has heated the nicotine syrup without burning tobacco. All one needs to do is purchase the syrup cartridges after they are used up. 

Health Implications

Although e-cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon, there are various sources that sight dependency of e-cigarettes after long periods of use. Another possible health issue a user may face is being predisposed to shortness of breath and respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. This is because the lungs are ideally not meant to intake a lot of smoke, and therefore the body will react negatively towards excessive smoking. 

Popular Culture

Just like the cigarette in the late sixties and seventies, e-cigarettes have become a popular commodity amongst the youth. The flashy marketing campaigns that have been employed to lure the young ones into smoking has aided companies such as Juul to flourish in the e-cigarette market. They have dominated the market with a staggering seventy-two percent market share. The online market is an important source for the various e-cigarette products available. They have come under scrutiny from different health organizations for intentionally marketing to teenagers and young adults. 

Does It Help?

Scientific reports have indicated that people struggling to quit smoking marijuana have leaned towards smoking e-cigarettes, and they have worked. It also helps in relieving cancer symptoms since the active ingredients that cause cancer are the tobacco and tar found in the regular cigarette. Also, several ex-smokers claim that e-cigs offer the help needed to quit cigarette smoking. If you consider using an electronic cigarette as a cessation tool, it depends on your determination and discipline.


If you notice that your children have started using e-cigarettes, it may just be a phase, or it may be a severe problem within a few years to come. Be sure to sit and talk with the child to get an idea of how to actively reduce the dangers or quit altogether. Consider having an unbiased conversation on the topic to help your child feel comfortable conversing.

Electronic cigarettes have become common among the youths of the current generation and it requires understanding for one to address the issue. As a parent, have an open mind and be thankful that its an e-cigarette and not the classic tobacco cigarette.

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