Top 10 Trending Corporate Event Formats

Corporate Event

Whether you are looking for new ways to engage your employees or raise brand awareness, there are various formats of business events in India to choose from. From spectacular galas to incentive trips, you get to align the goals of your organization with a large variety of corporate event types. 

So, what are these trending corporate event formats you can try on your next event?

1. Appreciation Events

Depending on the target audience, the goal of appreciation events is to recognize employees’ achievements or building closer connections with loyal customers. 

With this kind of event, you will need to provide a friendly, relaxing atmosphere with the addition of subtle networking and offering of valued prizes. 

From a luxurious private cruise party to a simple dinner, appreciation events can make long-lasting relationships with your people as well as your clients. 

2. Trade Shows

Mainly for branding, trade shows help in generating lead and establishing partnerships. By attending a local or international trade show, organizations can boost their revenues by generating promising business connections. 

Team-Building Events

This is a great opportunity for companies, particularly startups in order to raise awareness about their services and produces and expanding their networks. 

To achieve success with trade shows, you will need to ensure that your booth stands out by using multi-screen displays, strategic lighting, lucrative promotional offers and more. 

3. Holiday Parties

Aimed to create the holiday mood, holiday parties challenge your creativity to ensure that your audience stays engaged and have fun. These events are meant to be relaxing and fun for everyone and usually, give employees time to take a break from work. 

4. Conferences

Conferences are when you gather your target audience in a single place to implement solutions, share ideas or improve collective expertise. For the majority of ambitious professionals, a conference geared towards particular interests is a must-go event. 

To host a successful conference, you will need thorough planning and inviting experts of your chosen topics as speakers. In addition, a focus on technology investments is crucial.

Team-Building Events

5. Business Dinners

Business dinners are usually held to celebrate company milestones, welcoming a new employee or engaging your team. When doing business dinners, you need to have a perfect understanding of your staff’s preferences and interests. 

In addition, business leaders also need to maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere so that their employees won’t feel awkward with such events. Whenever there’s a reason to celebrate special achievements, a birthday or an employee’s work anniversary maybe, organizing a business dinner is a great way to show respect and appreciation.

6. Product Launches

As its name suggests, product launches help raise awareness regarding a new service or product you offer as well as acquiring clients. Its primary focus is to gain media exposure, so you need to develop a foolproof marketing strategy for every stage of event organization to maximize exposure and attracting your targeted audiences. 

7. Incentive Trips

Often held at luxury resorts or international, incentive trips are the kinds of events the take a huge amount of budget but creates unforgettable memories for your employees. 

This kind of event rewards and entertain your employees to keep them engaged and productive or can also be geared towards maintaining a good reputation. Since incentive trips can be quite expensive, sharp negotiation skills, as well as the ability to organize events in a foreign country, is required to be successful.

8. Board Meetings

Board meetings are held to make crucial business decisions. Whether it is reviewing performance within an organization or sharing business goals, a board meeting is a go-to event for any shareholders of the company. 

In order to run smoothly, you will need to ensure that the schedule fits everyone’s work schedules and facilitating the right conditions for discussions and debates. 

9. Team-Building Events

Just like incentive trips, team-building events help keep your employees engage but also strengthen the social ties within your team. To host a successful team-building event, you will need to survey your team before planning. 

When based on the preference and needs of employees, a team-building event can help business managers to build stronger, reliable and productive teams. 

10. Charity Events

With the goal of collecting donations to support a cause, charity events create brand awareness and a good reputation. It requires a worthy value offer, strong cause promotions, making good use of the organization’s network and a centralized platform for the collection of donations.

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