Top benefits and advantages of card lock fueling solution

fueling solution

Are you in the habit of noting down expenses in one book to assess the total cost for the month? 

Then the card lock fueling system eases the pain of checking and penning down fueling costs from all the stations. It helps to maintain the cost of fueling at one place. With the help of such a filling system, you can now easily manage the expense accounting system comfortably. Now your idle time queuing up in one fuel station, for hours, is reduced, considerably. The card lock fueling system provides automated fueling stations that enable the driver of the vehicle to refill their fuel storage tanks themselves.

Several card lock networks throughout the US and Canada facilitate even heavy vehicles to access this facility without any difficulty. For business people, they can cross-check the service stations where their employees refill the fuel dumps. You can keep a check on the diesel expenses as you retrieve the data from a central accounting system. It provides your employees safe and secured refueling points and a self-cleaning restroom for their convenience.

Features of card lock fueling solution:

  • In Canada and the US, there are over 2,35,000 fueling stations where you can access an automated automobile fueling system.
  • Fuel cards can be used in certain locations and zip codes in the US and Canada. The risk of misusing your card is less.
  • It keeps track of usage of the card by different employees and reports accurately.
  • In case of inappropriate use of the card, it will track the transaction and give alerts, promptly, without fail.
  • Much of your productive time is saved due to self-service in service stations.
  • Centralized handling of information regarding card usage at one point. Single point accounting helps to track expenses easily.
  • When you continuously use this service, you get discounts for the fuel price. More money goes into your pocket.

Let us, now, move on to discuss the plus points of the card lock fueling system:

1. Use any card of your choice: 

This feature gives the benefit of using a card of your choice. From Comdata to EFS, from EFS to T-chek, any card is acceptable under this card lock fueling system. Other cards such as Voyager, Fleet One, TCH, Wright express can be used as well. For more information about their services and offers, visit website. For convenience, you can approach the representative to make maximum use of the benefits available to the cardholders.

2. Organized accounting of fuel expenses: 

As an employer, you can overlook the fuel expenses of your employees sitting at your convenient place. They run throughout the country and refill fuel for their automobile. You can maintain control over each one of them as this system gives the benefit of centralized accounting. If anyone misuses the card, it will send you alert messages which will help you track the fraud. It also helps to control unintentional human error with the help of this card lock fueling system.

3. Convenient to use dispensers:

The fuel dispensing points save time as they have big stations, where even a big vehicle can stop by and fill diesel or petrol. They also have a dual pumping system wherein the large trucks can fill in both the tanks simultaneously. Thus the satellite pump or the additional pump saves much of the time.

The card lock fueling stations are available in every nook and corner. This enables the drivers to locate fueling stations without any difficulty. Moreover, since the card lock service stations are available in almost all the highways throughout the country, you can keep track of your drivers’ plying routes easily.

Secured transactions: 

Since you can track the purchase of your drivers, it controls double-dealing and fraudulent transactions of your drivers. This provides security and automobile tracking easy. If you are the fleet manager of your company, you can provide a combination of a secure password or unit number or daily gallon limit to control transactions. This way, you can keep your employees from engaging in fraudulent transactions. You can be watchful of the expenses and your employee following the data your online tracker feeds the system in front of you.

Reduced fuel pricing: 

Since you fill the fuel from different service points of using the card lock fueling system, they offer a huge discount to you. Moreover, they offer competitive prices to encourage you to use the card lock fueling system every time you want to refill the petrol dump of your vehicle.

In short, the card lock fueling solution helps you keep an eye on the fuel expenses and the drivers regularly. It facilitates easy accounting of fueling expenses and detects fraud the moment it happens. Since this solution provides accurate reporting, it helps the management to retrieve expense information from a single database, you have to just visit website. There are lots of fuel points throughout the country. It helps the drivers to fill their automobile’s propellent tank without any wastage of time. This system saves money and time.

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