What is a Facebook Like Worth and How Can You Get More

Facebook Like

More often than not, many people using social media marketing tend to regard Facebook as a mere Facebook Marketing conceit metric. Granted, it doesn’t take any effort to actually Like stuff. But dismissing it only means that you haven’t known its value yet. 

Get this from me! An information journey that will definitely make you a far much better marketer begins with a Facebook Like. It will make you a more successful marketer and a salesperson. 

The questions should not be whether or not a Facebook Like is important, but rather how valuable it is especially in terms of lead generation and brand building, as well as sales conversion. Well, it turns out that it is more valuable than you think! But what exactly is its worth?

Let’s talk about that and also dive into further details to help with your Facebook marketing efforts.

  • Guarantee Brand Interaction

Facebook Likes will guarantee brand interaction. At the very least, a Like is a frequently used KPI. But for some people, it’s nothing more than just a vanity metric. However, what many fail to see is that deeper worth of a Facebook Like. It is actually a Guaranteed Brand Interaction or GBI. Unlike Reach and Gross Rating Points (GRPs) and other old-style advertising metrics, which tends to achieve not less than chances to try to make a brand impression, a Guaranteed Brand Interaction (GBI) is a definite brand impression.

A Facebook Like, at the very minimum, is an online equivalent of the prospective customer or current customer meeting literally meeting with and saying hi to your brand.

  • A chance to talk for free

Facebook Likes provide you with an opportunity to talk freely to your prospective or customers for free. Well, in this case, we are talking about when a person Likes your Ad or Post but has not liked your Facebook Page yet. Facebook will show you who they are. It will also give you a chance to invite these people to Like your Facebook Page. 

In case they respond positively and Like your Page, you will now have the chance to directly talk to them without paying a coin because theoretically, people who Like your Facebook Page see all your posts even if you don’t boost those posts. And even if these people will not be able to see all your Facebook posts for free, a good number of them are going to like your Facebook Page. This can create a bigger pool of Facebook Analytics data that will help you know and understand who your current and prospective customers are particularly on Facebook.

  • Identification

Facebook Likes equals identification. When a person Likes your Facebook Page or Post, you will be able to see who they actually are as an individual. At the very least, you will be able to see their picture, which may contain a lot of unstructured information and insights that could be very important. 

And for the Likes with their Facebook Profiles not locked down for privacy reasons, you can go ahead and even do some little Social Recon so you can uncover a much clearer picture of the Likes. This will help you to better plan marketing, content, and sales efforts. 

How can you get more Facebook Likes?

If you are using Facebook for your business, then you should find ways to increase your Facebook Likes. Now that we have discovered the value of Facebook Likes for a business, you definitely want to increase them to maximize the benefits. 

Well, there are some brands out there that invest in Facebook ads to get people to Like them. But you don’t always have to use the money for consumers and your prospective customers to Like your Post or Facebook Page. This is how to do just that!

  • Post shareable content

When you create content that is highly shareable, Facebook users who already Like your Facebook Page will share it on their accounts thereby exposing the content to all their friends. That way, your page, and post have increased chances of being liked by the friends of those who shared the content. Anything newsworthy, controversial, or shocking is most likely to spark a  discussion on Facebook and this will make people share the post. 

  • Timing is very important

How frequently do you post something on Facebook? And at what time of day do you do that? It is important that you analyze and find out what days of the week and what time of day people are likely to Like and share your post. According to research, weekends are the best days to post something on Facebook. Days nearing weekends are also the right time to catch the attention of Facebook users. People are basically very busy during weekdays and free during weekends. So, they are likely to spend more time on Facebook on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays than other days of the week.  About the time of day, people tend to visit Facebook more during the evening and early morning hours.

  • Keep it short

There is so much to see, read and watch on Facebook. So, no one has the time to read long text even if it is important. Your post should consist of not more than 10 words. When people see that your post is short and easy to understand, they will likely share it.

  • Invite people to Like your Page

Even though this strategy is very common, it often works. Identify people, your consumers and people you think would be interested in your products or services and invite them to like your Facebook Page. Many people will find no reason not to. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

At the end of the day, Facebook now has more than two billion users on its platform. This simply means that more competition and content is being pushed out there daily. In order to compete against such odds, you need to make sure your content and branding are always on point.

When creating content for your FB audience, make sure user engagement and perceived value are of the utmost importance. To see what’s currently working best, just take a look at your top competitors and big-name brands.

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